Intruder detection

Intruder detection

Intruder detection

Property and home protection can now be achieved with minimum interferance.

The latest advances in wireless technology make it quick and easy to install a security system that protects the things you value the most.

Video & Audio Intercom

Who's at the door? Make sure with a video intercom system that can also allow you to remotely open the door.

Ideal for instances where getting to the door is difficult or opening the door would be the wrong thing to do!

Wireless Systems

Wireless intruder systems make it simple to install security that will protect you from unwanted intrusion.

It can even alert you when you have an unwanted guest.


Fake TV

Fake TV is a simple box that mimics your TV, it simulates the same light as a real LCD HDTV television.

A deterrent to burglars looking for an easy target.

Eco-friendly and low power consumption.